Before new legislation required Apple to produce phones that came straight from the factory unlocked and ready to be used on any network and with any SIM card the only way to open up your phone to be used on all of the different networks around was to go through a process known as “jailbreaking”.

You’d essentially have to install a brand-new operating system that replaced the standard IOS with one that would allow you to use different carrier networks and the one that the phone came “branded” with.

This process was initially very difficult to move forward with and not for the faint of heart. It was also a process that was responsible for “bricking” phones or essentially turning them into useless hunks of raw material that couldn’t even be un-jailbroken if something went wrong.

Over time the process for jailbreaking became easier and easier, but it was considered to be legal and a major problem if you wanted to take advantage of AppleCare warrantees or have the folks at Apple troubleshoot or repair your device.

Thankfully though, with that same change in legislation we’ve mentioned already, it’s now possible to jailbreak your phone with absolutely no difficulty at all and it also isn’t going to void your warranty or cause you to run afoul of the law.

Today you’re able to open up your phone on any network with zero negative consequences from a legality or warranty standpoint.