Today there is no such thing as a “locked down” cellular device, and any cellular device that is left over from the time when these devices could be locked down can be opened up with nothing more than a single phone call to your wireless carrier.

They legally have to open up that cell phone to be used on any cellular network, and they have to do so for you when you request it or they are going to be in pretty hot water.

Don’t let anyone tell you – including representatives from your wireless carrier – that opening up or unlocking your phone is against the law or will have any penalties for you whatsoever.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is the easy way to unlock iPhone 6S devices?

At the end of the day, there are two really easy ways to go about unlocking the iPhone 6S – or any other iPhone, for that matter.

The easiest way of them all is to simply purchase a brand-new unlocked iPhone 6S directly from Apple or from your wireless carrier. The only downside here is that you’re going to pay a pretty steep price tag to get your hands on an unlocked device directly from Apple (after all, they don’t have the upgrade subsidies that wireless carriers enjoy).

We are talking about forking over $649 for the 16 GB iPhone 6S and $849 for the 128 GB iPhone 6S.

If you are interested in buying the unlocked iPhone 6S Plus directly from Apple, you can expect to spend $749 for the 16 GB version, $849 for the 64 GB version, and $949 for the 128 GB version.

You’re basically paying the same price for the newest iPhone as you would for a MacBook Air.


Of course, you can go the other easy way to unlock iPhone 6S devices and end up saving quite a bit of money at the exact same time – all you have to do is follow this quick guide.

Simply use your upgrade or purchase a discounted phone directly from your wireless carrier and then plug it into your computer via USB. Startup iTunes on your computer, reset your brand-new phone to its factory settings (because it’s brand-new you won’t lose anything), and then move through the unlocking process that iTunes will walk you through.

Bottom line

That’s literally old you have left to do to knock out the easy way to unlock iPhone 6S devices permanently without having to deal with any trickery, any shady websites, any less than ethical businesses, or any crooks whatsoever.

It really doesn’t get much easier than that!